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Latex with mathjax

With and

For inline math, use \(...\).

For standalone math, use $$...$$, \[...\] or \begin...\end.

The single-dollar delimiter ($...$) for inline math is disabled by default, but can be enabled by passing enable_dollar_delimiter=True in the extension configuration.

If you want to render to span elements with inline math rather than script elements, so as to improve fallback when JavaScript is disabled or unavailable, use render_to_span=True.

Mathjax examples

$$\alpha_{s}(M_{Z})=0.1184 \pm 0.0007$$

$$\alpha_{s}(M_{Z})=0.1184 \pm 0.0007$$

Something inline is \\( \alpha_{s}(M_{Z})=0.1184 \pm 0.0007 \\).

Something inline is \( \alpha_{s}(M_{Z})=0.1184 \pm 0.0007 \) .

Values from arxiv:1210.0325.

Note the link above opens in a new tab because of the {: target="_}

[arxiv:1210.0325]({: target="_"}

Inline code

Within a line is this some code?


use shebang (for python for example: #!python) as a first line of code block for line numbers

class Dummy(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.more_dummy = None

At the moment the codehilite table adds unnecessary </div> to the table with numbers that breaks how the page is rendered with bootstrap, so avoid it where ok to do so…

CodeHilite docs


![imgx]( "example picture"){: footer="this is a footer"}

example picture

example picture


A preference: no starting and ending |

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4
--- :-- :--: --:
default align left center right
emph or like this bold subscriptsuperscript

Source of this is:

Header 1     | Header 2       | Header 3 | Header 4
 ---         | :--            | :--:     | --:
`---`        | `:--`          | `:--:`   | `--:`
default align| left           | center   | right
*emph*       | _or like this_ |**bold**  |<sub>subscript</sub><sup>superscript</sup>